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Catch Up Post

Ok, this post is going to be a catch up post I’ve been busy this past month and I’ve been telling everybody that I  would do this so I’ve have finally sat down to do it. The first few pages is from my friend Caity’s birthday party, the next few are of me and a couple of my friends Levi, and Jacob at the midnight premier of the Avengers the last few are of me and some friends at the NWA spring formalImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Wordless Wednesday



This post is about yoda, and about all my friends that couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a picture with him.

The Consortium

“The Consortium is an educational-supplemental ministry of contracted classes and lessons made available to ETC families. ETC participation is open to families in Northwest Arkansas who agree to the participation requirements”…. Yeah that was on the etc website let me give you the English version…. the consortium is classes that are put together by parents in our homeschool group to give their kids an opportunity to be taught things that parents couldn’t teach them. Like drama art or blogging. Here is a slide show to show you what we have all done this quarter.

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Resource List

For those of you who want to know I am taking a blogging class this year which is the reason for this post. My assignment this week was to write up a resource list for my blog so I have gotten all I could find on websites for movie reviews these are just a few: plugged in reviews movies, videos, music, TV and games from a Christian perspective. Movie reviews from a Christian perspective. The Christian family guide to movies and entertainment. Christian reviews of films, games, and television programs. a Christian perspective for family friendly entertainment and movie nights. Movie Glimpse connects spiritual insights and gospel themes to the movies that touch your heart. (imdb) is the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet.

Taco Bueno

Today I went to taco bueno for the first time. I have to admit my expectations were high, and when I bit into my first taco………………wait for it……………… I LOVED IT!!! (Repeat) I LOVED IT! It was like eating a baby angel!…….JK that’s kinda gross.

This is my first post

Thank you for coming to my blog my name is Aaron Williams and I appreciate you coming. This blog is mostly going to be about me and my family and what happens through my life.   And no it won’t be that boring, anyway, thank you again and for now good bye.

This is me and my family. I'm the one on the top left corner.